Pokemon Sword and Shield gets a special Twitter emoji for a limited time

Better late than never

If you're a Twitter user and a Pokemon fan, we have a bit of information that might interest you. For a limited time only, using the #PokemonSwordShield hashtag on Twitter will get you a special emoji that represents both games. We have no idea why this is going on now of all times, but might as well take advantage of it while you can!

Japanese eShop charts for March 26th to April 1st, 2020

You already know who's at the top

No surprises here, as Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still sitting pretty at the #1 spot. Check out who else made the list for March 26th to April 1st, 2020 below.


1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo)
3. OF MICE AND SAND -REVISED- (Arc System Works)
4. Cube Creator X (Arc System Works)
5. Good Job! (Nintendo)
7. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (Nintendo)
8. One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 (Bandai Namco Entertainment)
9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo)
10. Conduct TOGETHER! (Northplay


1. Monster Strike (Mixis)
2. Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun Special (Arc System Works)
3. Cube Creator DX (Arc System Works)
4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo (Nintendo)
5. OF MICE AND SAND (Arc System Works)
7. Cube Creator 3D (Arc System Works)
8. Gotcha Racing (Arc System Works)
9. Chou Charisou Atsumete! Choujuu Hunter (Spicysoft)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX video series features the Japanese comedy duo Pekopa

Are you ready to laugh?!

We're used to Nintendo working with Yoiko to promote their various games, but this time around they've teamed up with another comedic duo in Japan. In order to promote Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, Nintendo and Pokemon Co. are collaborating with comedy duo Pekopa. The pair has released four videos so far, all of which you can see in this post.

The Animal Crossing grandma has finally gotten a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You go, grandma!

Just last year we featured a story on Audie, the 88-year-old grandmother who was a huge fan of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She spent 3,500 hours with the game, playing for nearly 4 years straight. Her story went far and wide in the Nintendo community, and she may have gotten a tribute in New Horizons! Wondering what the grandma is up to now? Turns out she just got a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, along with the Animal Crossing-themed Switch! Check out her unboxing video above.

eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 opening movie shared, plus info on early purchase bonuses in Japan, and basic features

This one will pack the bleachers

Konami has shared some new details on eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020. First up is the game's opening movie, which you can see above. The opening movie features the theme song “Ao no Achi he,” which is written and sung by Kaon Kokudo, composed by Yuutarou Komesu, and arranged by Komesu and Noriyuki Watanabe.

We also have details on the early purchase bonuses in Japan.

Early Purchase Bonuses (included with standard physical and digital editions, digital Powerful Edition)

- Legacy opening theme songs downloadable content
- Buraban “Ao no Achi he (eBaseball Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2020 theme song)” downloadable content (not sold separately)
- Event character “Aki Inaho” (SR) for use in Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Success Special (PlayStation 4 verison-only)
- Useful items set (OK Success Draft, Fun Equipment Exchange Ticket, Demon Doll, Big Shot Rookie Appearance, and Everyone’s Evaluation)

Digital Edition Pre-Order Bonuses (included with digital standard and Powerful editions)

- “3,000 Power Points” for use in the Power Pro Shop

Powerful Edition Bonuses (included with digital Powerful Edition)

- Series theme songs downloadable content (25th Concert version) (not sold separately)
- “30,000 Power Points” for use in the Power Pro Shop
- “Prodigy Sign-Up Form” item for use in Success
- “Freshman Resume” item for use in Crown Nine
- “Divine Dragon Gem” item (x3) for use in Power Fes
- “Power Enhancement Training Item Set” item for use in Pennant
- “Prodigy Player Transformation Card” item for use in Quick Success

Lastly, we have some basic details on what the game will support on Switch.

- Supports Pro Controller and Amiibo
- TV Mode: One to four players
- Table Mode: One to four players
- Handheld Mode: One to four players
- (One Joy-Con required per player)
- A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to play Championship Mode

Monster Viator - more footage

Unable to remember who he is, Culter is mysteriously able to communicate with monsters. He soon comes across Aira, a shepherd who controls monsters with a harp and sets out together on a journey to uncover his memories. A fairy-tale like adventure with a legendary Hero with a thousand monsters, a Fountain of Truth and a witch unfolds!

izneo comic app on Switch offering 1 month of its premium subscription for free

Something to keep you entertained while at home

izneo, the global online comics platform offering Comic books, European Comics, Mangas and Webtoons is giving away 1 month of its Premium subscription for free during these hard times of confinement.

In these difficult times where we should all come together, izneo encourages everyone to #StayAtHome in order to stop the Covid-19 global pandemic.

izneo Premium allows you to read 1,800 comics both offline and online. Read European Comics’ classics such as Thorgal, Aldebaran, Black Moon Chronicles or Carthago Adventures as well as the most hyped US Comics adapted into TV series such as The Boys, or Locke & Key! By activating their free subscription to izneo Premium, readers can also enjoy their favorite manga such as the french masterpiece, Radiant, or dive into some of the best European webtoons.

Reading is one of the few forms of entertainment left that everyone can enjoy wherever they are. izneo, the global online comics platform is offering more than 30,000 Comic books, European Comics, Mangas and webtoons on izneo.com or download our application on IOS, Android, Nintendo Switch or Nvidia Shield TV.

Build your digital manga library on a budget! During the month of April, the latest publisher to join the platform is having a massive sale. Kodansha Comics is offering 270 volumes at 99c. Find renown titles like Attack on Titan, Princess Jellyfish, A Silent Voice, Witch Hat Atelier, Parasyte, Battle Angel Alita, FAIRY TALE, The Seven Deadly Sins, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Flying Witch, Space Brothers..

For more information about izneo, discover our full catalog of more than 30,000 e-comic-books and start the reading experience, head over to https://www.izneo.com/en/

GoNintendo Video - Committing OSHA violations in Good Job!

Just another day at the office, right? Let's check out Good Job, the game that was surprise-announced and released during last week's Nintendo Direct mini. I hope I'm the right person for the job!

If you like what you see, we'd love to have you subscribe!

Monster Viator comes to Switch on April 9th, 2020, preload with 10% discount now live

The latest Kemco RPG

KEMCO proudly announces the release of Monster Viator for the Nintendo Switch system set to hit the Nintendo eShop on April 9th. Standard price is USD 14.99, but it will be made available at 10% off for a limited time during the pre-purchase period starting today!


Monster Viator is a fantasy RPG featuring beautiful pixel animations and retro feel, with classic turn-based battles.

Unable to remember who he is, Culter is mysteriously able to communicate with monsters. He soon comes across Aira, a shepherd who controls monsters with a harp and sets out together on a journey to uncover his memories. A fairy-tale like adventure with a legendary Hero with a thousand monsters, a Fountain of Truth and a witch unfolds!

Ride a dragon and soar the skies or on a raft down the river! Compelling pixel art breathes life into your adventure. Journey with more than 20 monsters, each with their own abilities and personalities. Hang tight and take your time in exploring not only challenging dungeons but what this fantasy RPG has to offer!

A professional fashion protographer is taking amazing pictures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Strike a pose

What do you do when you're a professional fashion photographer and you're stuck inside during self quarantine? You put your skills to use in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, of course!

Jessica Kobeissi is ridiculously skilled when it comes to fashion photography, and that talent transfers perfectly to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Jessica took the time to put together outfits, rearrange settings, and even play with lighting to get the perfect fashion pics. Check out her video above to see how everything came out.


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