Jump Victory Carnival 2018 - Mario Tennis Aces and Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament footage: Day 2 recording

Looking for more action from Mario Tennis Aces and Smash Bros. Ultimate? The Jump Victory Carnival 2018 is underway, and Nintendo streamed another day of content for both games. You can check out the 5+ hours of footage in the embed below.

Nintendo the third most-seen gaming industry brand on TV for June 16th to July 15th, 2018

- Nintendo is in first place overall
- Nintendo had 15 commercials that aired over 3,700 times
- the most-seen commercial was “Mario Tennis Aces: Swing Into Action,” with 107.9 million impressions
- there were high impressions across networks including Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nick
- spots aired during shows such as Teen Titans Go!, The Amazing World of Gumball, and SpongeBob SquarePants

Super Mario Run - content update for July 20th, 2018

[Event] The latest Loads of Coins event is now live, and runs until August 3rd. It allows you to get 1.5 times the usual amount of coins when you win at Toad Rally. If you lose, you get the usual amount of coins, though… Also, no change regarding the amount of Toads you can win!

Mario Tennis Aces - Version 1.1.2 now available, full patch notes

Version 1.1.2

Game Balance Updates

For All Characters:

We have adjusted the range within which a character is able to return a ball, as well as how much energy is used when doing a Trick Shot to hit a ball that goes behind them.
*We made the distance you can move and the scope between left and right shorter. We also shortened the time it takes to successfully recover energy and increased how much energy is used when a Trick Shot is late.
We have made it so that, when returning a serve, a ball cannot inflict a Body Shot until it bounces once.

For Bowser Jr.:

We have adjusted how fast Bowser Jr. can move when charging a shot and lowered the angle at which he hits the ball back.
*We plan to adjust the balance of this character further in time for the August tournament

Other Changes

Revised errors with text display.

Notice about the Rating system in Online Tournament

A ranking display based on Rating will be added to the ranking board starting with the August 2018 tournament.
Along with this change, the Rating will not be shown on the Total Points Ranking board. If you want to check your Ratings for July, please check the Tournament chart.
Your Rating will change on a monthly basis based on the results of the previous month's play. (This will be reflected starting with the switch from July to August.)
*Ratings of 2,000 or less -> Start at 2,000
*Ratings from 2,000-2,500 -> Same rating will be maintained
*Rating of 2,500 or more -> 1/10 of the value will be added to 2,500
*Value will be reset to 2,000 if the player did not play the previous month or if any questionable data is present.

Nintendo teams with Moleskine for notebooks, a backpack, and more

Looking for some fancy Mario-themed stationary? How about a backpack that pays tribute to the NES? Well Moleskine has you covered, as they've just launched their collaborative lineup with Nintendo! Much of the content is Mario themed, and available on Moleskine's official website. The one item you can't get online is the cellphone case. You'll have to head to a retail location for that one.

The Cat Mario Show - Ep. 119 (Japan)

This episode of the Cat Mario show features Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Tennis Aces, and Taiko Drum Master: Drum 'N' Fun.

EDGE - review scores

Just two Nintendo-related review scores from the most recent issue of Edge. The magazine is known for some rather harsh scores across the board. How do you feel about these two?

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion - 8
Mario Tennis Aces - 6

Mario Tennis Aces - Version 1.1.2 update coming on July 19th, includes Bowser Jr. tweaks and more

Mario Tennis Aces is getting an update on July 19th, 2018. The update will bring the game up to Version 1.1.2, and will include a number of tweaks and bug-fixes. Fans will be happy to know that Bowser Jr. is getting some adjustments to his movement speed, as there have been quite a few complaints about the character. There will also be some changes to various shot types and the angles at which they can be returned. Full patch notes should be available when Version 1.1.2 launches.

Jump Victory Carnival 2018 - Smash Bros. Ultimate and Mario Tennis Aces live-stream event footage

I'm sure you've got nothing better to do with 5 hours of your time than watch Smash Bros. Ultimate and Mario Tennis Aces footage! If that's the case, you can enjoy all 5 hours of the Jump Victory Carnival 2018 live-stream event that aired recently.

Did You Know Gaming - Super Mario Odyssey

In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs from Super Mario Odyssey. Odyssey was one of the first Nintendo Switch Games that entered development, starting in 2013. The game is notable for several new inclusions, such as a fully voiced theme song titled Jump up Super Star! Instead of being based on Super Mario 3D World, the game took more inspiration from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.