Did You Know Gaming - Super Mario Bros 3

In this episode, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some Mario facts, secrets, Easter eggs and history! Super Mario Bros 3 was developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and was later ported to both the Super Nintendo (SNES) as part of the Super Mario All-Stars pack, and was again ported to the Game Boy Advance (GBA) as Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3. Through our analysis of Super Mario Bros 3, its gameplay and beta builds, we hope to show some of the more interesting facts from the making of the Mario series and have its history explained.

Nintendo Extends Play with Jakks (Squish-Dee-Lish toys, RC racers, figurines, plushes, and more)

NORTH AMERICA–World of Nintendo has extended its global master toy agreement with Jakks Pacific.

Under the terms of the worldwide agreement, Jakks will continue to manufacture, market and distribute play sets, plush, vehicles, role play, and dress up toys, as well as novelties, blasters and outdoor seasonal items that feature properties including "Super Mario," "Mario Kart" and "The Legend of Zelda."

Furthermore, Jakks is slated to launch a host of World of Nintendo items this year including Squish-Dee-Lish squishy toys; Super wind up toys, a line of figures with unique movements inspired by popular heroes and villains; Mario Kart motorcycle RC racer, a remote-controlled motorcycle; and Luigi Mario Kart mini RC racer.

“We’re thrilled to extend our relationship with Nintendo as master toy licensee,” says Craig Drobis, senior vice president, marketing, Jakks Pacific. "Nintendo is an iconic and nostalgic brand that is beloved by multiple generations of fans. We are excited our authentic figures, plush and RC extends the gaming experience to play time."

Nintendo shares a recap video of Mar10 Day at Kuntsevo Plaza shopping center in Russia

We're all in agreement that that Mario mascot costume is a tad off, right? It seems a bit wonky in the eyes and nose, and when put together, it's a tad unsettling. It looks like a knock-off plush you'd find at the Jersey shore boardwalk. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong!

iam8bit releasing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

2xLP Translucent Vinyl
Fuzzy Mustache Jacket
w/ Paper Doll Playset
Music by Grant Kirkhope
Includes Digital Download*
Shipping Begins Q3 2018

When the Rabbids invade, hijinks ensue. But this invasion is more of an anomaly - an inspired collision of musical cues from the legacy of Super Mario and the equally fantastical world of the riotous Rabbids. Sewn together in sweet - and delightfully irreverent - harmony, the soundtrack to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is darn cute, playful and enjoyably weird - an expertly crafted cartoon journey, thanks to the king himself, mythic composer Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie, Viva Pinata, Goldeneye). Bolstering the fun is an impossibly adorable package, complete with a fuzzy mustache (no joke) and a paper doll playset to enhance your own whimsy.

Grab yours here

Nintendo releases new gameplay trailer for Super Mario Run

With Super Mario Run currently on-sale to celebrate Mar10 Day, Nintendo has seen fit to add a new gameplay trailer for the game on their mobile site. I'm sure this is old news to most of you, but perhaps some newcomers will be swayed by the new trailer and end up purchasing the game.

Japan ranks their top 10 most iconic characters, with Mario and Pikachu making the list

Goo Ranking asked the people of Japan to vote on who they believed to be the country's most iconic characters, and then whittled things down into a top 10. You can find the full list of top 10 below.

1. Doraemon
2. Pikachu
3. Mario
4. Anpanman
5. Hello Kitty
6. Son Goku
7. Totoro
8. Gundam
9. Godzilla
10. Sailor Moon

Pikachu and Mario secure the first and second spots, only being beat out by everyone's favorite blue cat, Doraemon. I'd say Nintendo should be pretty damn proud of their placements!

Super Mario Cereal, without amiibo, now available on store shelves

Looks like the version of Super Mario Cereal with the built-in amiibo has finished its run. The good news is, you can still get the cereal itself in this variant box, which should be available at multiple retailers right now!

Super Mario Odyssey - Twitter update for March 12th, 2018

Today's Twitter update gives us a look at the creation of one part of Fossil Falls. Pretty cool to see how everything comes together!

Bloomingdale's X Nintendo "Let's Play" merch campaign - catalog and display pics

A few weeks back, we shared the announcement of Bloomingdale's and Nintendo partnering up for a special merch lineup called Let's Play. The brand was set to launch on March 10th, and it appears some retail locations already have their promotional materials and merch out on display. You can check out more merch pics and catalog displays here.

Super Mario Odyssey - Does Nintendo's 2018 Company Handbook Potentially Revealed More Costumes?

There's certainly the potential that some of these costumes are nothing more than concept art for ideas that never made it past the early stages. On the other hand, some of these could indeed end up in the game later on via DLC. It's all just speculation for now, so we've got no option but to hang back and see what happens!