Second instance of Totaka's Song discovered in Pikmin 2

Totaka's Song is my favorite gaming Easter egg ever, and I love that people are still discovering spots where it's hiding. The latest find comes from Pikmin 2, and marks the second instance the tune has been found in the game.

Fans have known for quite some time that Totaka's Song was hidden in Pikmin 2. You can hear it during the Treasure tally screen while the confetti falls. Today we now know there's a second place where the song plays. All the player needs to do is wait on Pikmin 2's cave sublevel memory card warning screen to hear the song. This Easter egg is in the GameCube version of Pikmin 2, but is likely removed in the Wii version.

Pikmin plush dolls available at Nintendo NY

Looking for some plush Pikmin to prop up on your bed? Nintendo NY is selling the above three options in their stores right now. We're all in agreement that yellow is the best, right?

Hey! Pikmin and Pikmin amiibo heading to South Korea

Hey! Pikmin is getting another chance to make a mark with Nintendo fans, this time in South Korea. Hey! Pikmin and the accompanying amiibo are finally seeing release in South Korea. The game will cost 49,000 won, while the amiibo will cost 14,000 won.

Japan getting new Kirby, Pikmin, and Super Mario Odyssey plush merch

So many awesome plush goodies heading to Japan! Nice to see a new round of Pikmin merch on the way. Now if only we could learn some info on Pikmin 4!

Hey! Pikmin - Testing Ground: Can Pikmin Fly?

Hey! Pikmin - Testing Ground video feature: Are Pikmin harder than crystal?

Hey! Pikmin - Can Pikmin swim video feature


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