Over 90 animators come together to create a WarioWare Gold tribute


What happens when over 90 animators come together to pay tribute to WarioWare Gold? You get a 12-minute animation that is chock-full of weirdness, over-the-top antics, and much more! Check out the animation above, which features all kinds of unique styles throughout.

Mario Kart Tour "Vancouver Tour" Trailer reveals Aurora Rosalina and Hiker Wario

The hot new "it" couple?

Mario Kart Tour's Vancouver cup is going to be available soon, and it's bringing two more characters with it. Get ready for the arrival of Aurora Rosalina and Hiker Wario!

Yacht Club says Shovel Knight: King of Cards gameplay was inspired by Wario

Wario and King Knight would get along well

Shovel Knight has certainly taken a ton of inspiration from the classic 8 and 16-bit franchises out there, and with each new bit of DLC, we see a bit more of that inspiration seep through. That tradition continues on with the upcoming King of Cards DLC. In an interview with GamesBeat, Yacht Club talks about their inspiration for King Knight's gameplay mechanics.

There’s obvious similarities to Wario, with the shoulder tackle. King Knight has a shoulder bash that’s a similar move. We thought about how Wario is a big guy that throws his weight around. We wanted King Knight to feel like a big guy who throws his weight around. He loves treasure, he’s kind of greedy. He’s sort of Wario-ish. At least that part, we were a bit initially inspired by Wario. But after that we just started iterating on the mobility of the King Knight. The mobility went through so many changes for us to get it right. As a result, I think it feels really unique. You can have more grace in this mobility even than you can with Specter Knight. It’s a bit more free-form, like Plague Knight’s gameplay. You can bash and spin around do a lot of acrobatic-looking moves. It’s really cool.

Nintendo Dream readers vote Wario as the character who would make the best comedian

Lots of farting, I'd suspect

Nintendo Dream readers have voted on which game character they think would make the best comedian, and Wario has come out on top this time. Sans gave him a run for his money, coming in just 4 points lower. Check out the list of characters picked below.

Wario (Super Mario) – 80pt
Sans (UNDERTALE) -76pt
Mario (Super Mario) – 57pt
Kirby (Kirby) – 38pt
King Dedede (Kirby) – 28pt
Luigi (Super Mario) – 26pt
Alois (Fire Emblem)
Dr. Shrunk (Animal Crossing)
Pit (Kid Icarus)
Owain (Fire Emblem)

The initial pitch for Donkey Kong Country included Mario, a time machine, and Wario as the main villain

Donkey Kong Country started off COMPLETELY different

Games change a lot from their first idea to final release. A ton of different options are discussed, elements are tweaked or cut altogether, and some content never makes it past the initial pitch. Turns out Donkey Kong Country is a great example of that.

Believe it or not, the original pitch for Donkey Kong Country included Mario and a time machine. Wario ends up stealing that time machine, uses it to get some sort of crazy gun that turns Mario to stone, and Donkey Kong sets out to save the day when he hears about the trouble. It sounds like some sort of off-the-wall fan fiction, but it's all how Donkey Kong Country got started!

You can learn a lot more about that initial pitch, complete with more artwork, in the video above. Thanks to ibbsters for the heads up!

Wario and Kalimari Desert teased for Mario Kart Tour


Nintendo has been teasing all sorts of racers and tracks for Mario Kart Tour lately, and they've continued the trend today. We now know that Wario is on his way, as well as the Kalimari Desert track. The only question left is when this content will actually see release.

Jeremy Parish's Game Boy Works Color #3 - Wario Land II retrospective

Obey Wario

For Nintendo's third portable system (allowing for a very loose definition of "portable" where Virtual Boy is concerned), we once again have another platformer in the Super Mario Land family to help kick things off. But while Wario Land II may technically be a sequel to Super Mario Land, it has almost nothing to do with that game besides being a platform game inspired by Super Mario Bros. It drops the "Mario" title altogether, focusing entirely on antagonistic protagonist Wario, who finally distinguishes himself from his do-gooding rival by being completely immortal. There are no health pick-ups here, no 1UPs, none of that frail nonsense. Wario is indestructible, like all cartoon bad guys, and Wario Land II builds on that premise to create an exploratory puzzle-platform experience like nothing before it. It's a masterpiece, and a great launch title for Game Boy Color... even if it technically wasn't, originally.

Man in Japan caught smuggling Ecstasy shaped like Wario


27-year-old Satoshi Kishimoto is in a bit of trouble. He was found to be carrying 2 baggies full of Ecstasy while wandering around Tokushima, Japan, and brought in by the police on smuggling charges. As you can see above, the Ecstasy pills were shaped like Wario. I think this goes without saying, but Nintendo had absolutely nothing to do with this drug's creation.

Game Freak's latest video feature revisits Mario & Wario

In their latest video, Game Freak revisits Mario & Wario, a title they developed for the Super Famicom. The title never saw release outside of Japan, which is a real shame! For the time, it was a pretty unique side-scrolling puzzler! At least Game Freak hasn't forgotten it!

WarioWare Gold - Young Cricket and Master Mantis Character Trailer (English)

It’s business as usual as Master Mantis trains his dutiful student Young Cricket in the mastery of martial arts! Discover their Sports-themed Touch League microgames in WarioWare Gold!


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