RUMOR - Capcom working on two Ace Attorney compilations, new game as well

The following information comes from Kotaku UK's Laura Kate Dale...

Speaking to two independent sources, Kotaku UK has learned that Capcom currently has plans for three Ace Attorney games for Switch. The company is planning to release two compilations in the first half of  the 2018- 2019 financial year (between April 2018 and October 2018), one a compilation of the first three Ace Attorney games, the other compiling Ace Attorney games four through six in the series.

Capcom has apparently also begun work on a new mainline Ace Attorney game, aiming for a late 2018 simultaneous global release on Switch and mobile. The new game is planned to contain five cases at launch, and features Phoenix Wright returning as the playable protagonist of the story.

RUMOR - Monopoly suffers from insane loading times (UPDATE)

UPDATE - It seems a restart of the Switch fixes the issue. If anyone else experiences these long loading times, please reach out and let us know.

Monopoly is now available on the Switch, and some people have hopped on the game to download it. Unfortunately, we're hearing the game has a major issue. Apparently loading times are absolutely horrendous, with it taking 3-5 minutes to load up the main menu. On top of that, a game has taken some people 8-10 minutes to get going. These loading times are hopefully a glitch that can be patched, and not the norm.

RUMOR - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild "Explorers Bundle" on the way

Here's a bit of an interesting find. A supplier listing for something called the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Explorers Bundle has surfaced. It's not a bundle including a Switch, as the blurb attached with the listing explains.

After waking from a 100-year slumber, Link must explore the wild to regain his memories and save Hyrule. This bundle is perfect for first-time heroes; it contains the game, a two-sided map, and an Explorer's Guide with lore and learnings from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. Time to explore the guide, the map, and the world of Hyrule!

The supplier listing shows this releasing on Nov. 23rd. If this listing is the real deal, it might be safe to assume that the second round of Breath of the Wild DLC will be out on Nov. 23rd as well. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

RUMOR - Blackbelly Skatepark might be making a return for Splatoon 2

OatmealDome has become pretty famous for datamining. He's shared all sorts of updates related to Splatoon, and his latest tweet shows us what looks like Blackbelly Skatepark. It seems the stage is going to make a return for Splatoon 2. Obviously Nintendo isn't talking about this, which is why we have it marked rumor. That said, it looks legit to us!

RUMOR - Did a Capcom Europe rep just confirm Monster Hunter XX Switch for localization?

I don't know what to make of this interview, which was posted on Oct. 17th, 2017. The blurb below is, word-for-word, the version that source outlet shared. It has some broken English in it, but is still readable. Taken at face value, it seems to indicate that Monster Hunter XX Switch has a shot at localization.

Read the snippet between Hi-News and Capcom Europe's Klaas Walter below to see for yourself.

Hi-News.ru: does the release of Monster Hunter: World on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Capcom has decided to refuse to release exclusive games for Nintendo and go to the multi-platform strategy? Or Nintendo, will receive exclusive game series?

Klaas Walter: I wouldn’t say that other platforms won’t get games from us. For example, the Nintendo console Switch will soon get Monster Hunter XX (enhanced remake of Monster Hunter Generations). So that the release of Monster Hunter World does not mean that the series suddenly became exclusive of any of the consoles.


The feature starts off with a blurb about the interview itself. According to that intro, the interview was conducted at IgroMir 2017, which ran from Sept. 28th to Oct. 1st. Monster Hunter XX Switch released in Japan back in late August. That would mean, if the verbiage above is correct, Monster Hunter XX Switch will be seeing release outside of Japan. The Switch can't "soon get" Monster Hunter XX Switch if it already released, unless it was coming to new territories.

Confusing, I know...but interesting. I'm leaning more towards a translation error here, but I'd love to be wrong. Thanks to Lmangelesr for the heads up!

RUMOR - longer clips for Nintendo Switch video recording in the future

According to a report by Kotaku UK, Nintendo is hard at work on expanding the video capture abilities on Nintendo Switch. For starters, the company's goal is to get games using its properties supported. This means that we could see updates for Fire Emblem Warriors and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in the near future.

Next to this, Nintendo is planning to make the period you can record longer. This could range from anything between one and five minutes long. Naturally, this would require more space on the system to keep the recording rolling. Kotaku UK says the following about this: ''This would be handled by a Switch firmware update, after which all games with 30 second video capture support would be able to make use of larger recording times without needing to repatch the individual game.''

The report doesn't make clear how long it will take for these changes to appear. At the moment, the focus is on the games and getting the feature supported. It seems likely that future Nintendo titles will support video recording right out of the box.

RUMOR - Detective Pikachu film team considering some odd actor choices for Pikachu

Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg, and The Rock. Rumor has it these are the 4 actors the team behind the Detective Pikachu film are considering. Obviously, they'd be providing the voice for Pikachu, as Detective Pikachu speaks English. I think these are all odd choices, but at least The Rock has dressed like Pikachu before. Thanks to Lars for the heads up!

Super Mario Odyssey Switch icon (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Icon has been confirmed real.

Now this is some big-time stuff. With how seriously some people take Switch icons, I imagine there's no icon those people are more eager to see than Super Mario Odyssey! What you see above could indeed be the icon, as an image appeared on Instagram, but was quickly removed. If it's the real deal, I hope it's lived up to your expectations!

RUMOR - Nintendo YouTube copyright claim points to original Super Mario Bros. 8-bit theme being in Super Mario Odyssey

Here's a bit of an interesting find. Someone over on the Gamefaqs board is saying one of their videos on YouTube received a copyright claim from Nintendo. This video was originally uploaded in 2009 and is nothing more than the original Super Mario Bros. theme in its classic NES style. Not that big of a deal at first, but the claim itself said it was for "SuperMarioOdyssey Audio_01". That would certaily seem to indicate that the classic-style tune will appear in Super Mario Odyssey in some way! Thanks to Andre for the heads up!

RUMOR - Target locations to receive a minimum of 20 SNES Classic Edition units per store

Well 20 units per store is certainly makes for a nice chance of actually getting a unit. Let's hope there's not too much trouble finding one at launch, and people don't feel the need to turn to resellers to grab one.