Sushi Striker - Famitsu review details

Sushi Striker got a 32 out of 40 in last week's Famitsu, but now we have the breakdown of what each of the four reviewers had to say. Check out their blurbs below!

1st reviewer: Starting from the opening anime with a theme song, the story gets developed properly, and the appearance of the mascot-like Sushigami and more made it created elaborately. While Sushi Battles have simple rules, the timing to use combos, attacks, Sushigami’s special skills, and more makes it very deep and lets you enjoy tactics with the opponent. I’m a bit concerned that the visibility is higher on the materials placed on top rather than the plate color that must be mainly matched. 8

2nd reviewer: The rules are simple and clear: connect plates with the same color, and attack by shooting stacked plates. Throwing a lot of plates also feels good. There are more detailed techniques other than Sushigami’s skills, such as increasing damage with combos and breaking opponent’s stacked plates by shooting, so the strategic element is unexpectedly deep. This game being playable smoothly with not only touch controls but also button controls leaves a good impression. The story being depicted properly is also good. 8

3rd reviewer: This is a puzzle with the type of tracing, connecting, and discarding. But as the sushi plates flow on a lane that runs to the left and right, it has very high action element which makes it interesting. Thanks to the 7 second-rule on connecting [plates], determining whether to wait for a plate with the same color to come or not feels thrilling every time. You’ll get busy with things like activating skills or reducing opponent’s attack power by throwing plates, but both offense & defense are also fun. It is also richly created with quite a lot of anime scenes and voices. 8

4th reviewer: The overall tempo is good, and the play sensation is light. The story and world setting, which are based on sushi rolls, blow away massively, are interesting and have an impact. The puzzle element is also simple and easy to play, and it is being created so you could taste the exhilaration of connecting plates with the same color just by simply touching them. There is also enough replay value with collecting Sushigami, raising them and putting them in formations. While I may have grown accustomized to it, I also felt a side effect on the slight difficulty on sense of sight due to the color differences between the plate and the sushi materials. 8

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